Walking on Water

Originally posted on Broken Light Collective:
Photo taken by contributor Ty Fitzgerald, a man who has been diagnosed with Bipolar II. Ty has a fondness for Lo-fi and Lux filters because they intensify shadows, highlights and colors. Such photos visually represent the way he sees the world, a little brighter and darker than he imagines those without bipolar disorder see the world.…

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Looting is a Response, Not an Opportunity

Originally posted on Scott Woods Makes Lists:
We need to reexamine looting. Regarding its critics, let me start by saying that, at the level of determining solid community building options, critics of looting are right: it’s not productive. What is built from looting? Not much. Certainly nothing in the concrete world. On top of that,…

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When was the last time that you woke up and said ‘Wow, it’s good to be me’? How many times today have you looked at an Instagram picture or Tumblr post or a tweet and thought, ‘if only I could be her, if only I had her/his money, looks, muscles, body, life?’ I do it. […]


Things We Think We Know

First impressions are usually wrong. Unfortunately, they usually turn into stereotypes, which then turn into the truth. We all hate stereotypes. Stereotypes are killing us, and they are killing our children. Except that we don’t. We adore stereotypes, and we desperately need them to fabricate who we are (or who we are not). People need […]

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